josephhyfr: 103, that's doable, if it means I'm still with you. I guess that would mean cutting back on the Oreos a bit, though.

Yes, you may just have to cut back on Oreos and twinkies, oh and the drinking.

- 20:47
josephhyfr: It is, it's a little odd. Maybe it won't sound odd anymore some day. Just fifty years? Now that we're married, can we eliminate the cheese quota?

Probably not. We’ll get use to it. Oh, we can make our age go higher than us just making it to 50 years? Like I meant it in living years, not marriage. For marriage, if we live long, we can making it to like 70 years, but you’d be like 103. Um, okay yeah I think we can remove the cheese quota.

- 2:47
josephhyfr: Hubby is cute to say every once in a while. I like husband. I like being your husband. We're very cheesy.

But it sounds weird. We’re so cheesy, for like 50 years we will be cheesy.

- 2:34
josephhyfr: Good, 'cause I'll be saying it a lot. Forever, actually. Wife, wife, wife. I love you, wife.

Well, not forever. That would be like 30 years and yeah. I love you, hubby. Hubby is weird…I’m sticking to husband, husband.

- 1:39

Anna Kendrick for Glamour, August 2014

Anna Kendrick for Glamour, August 2014

Je Fais || JoAnna


As soon as the priest gave him permission, Joseph pulled Anna close to him, pressing his lips gently against hers.  As always, she fit perfectly in his arms, her warmth filling him up, and he smiled against her lips.  This moment was everything, forever.  The feel of her in his arms, his lips against hers, the way they fit together so perfectly.  This was their forever, and Joseph almost couldn’t believe it.  Knowing that there was an entire crowd of onlookers was the only thing that kept Joe from getting lost in that moment, from holding Anna against him forever.  Finally leaning back, Joe kept one hand against Anna’s cheek, eyes meeting hers.

"We’re married."  He whispered, just loud enough for her to hear him over their friends and family.  They were married.  The "I do"s were said, the rings were on.  This was the start of their forever.  The thought made Joseph’s stomach jump in the best kind of way, his heart rate picking up, and an unstoppable smile spreading across his face.  He was hers and she was his.  Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Gordon-Levitt.  They’d share a home, maybe some day a kid, and always their hearts.  It was amazing how much a simple piece of paper could mean, a small ceremony, and only a few words exchanged.  It was as if his entire life had changed in the course of a few minutes, and he welcomed it with open arms.  They loved each other whole-heartedly, and now the entire world would know.

"I love you."  Joseph gave her another quick kiss before grabbing her hand in his, beginning the walk back down the aisle, this time together.  The reception was just down the hill, and he watched as their family and friends were led in that direction, leaving the two of them with a brief moment alone.  Joe warred with the idea of just grabbing Anna and taking off.  They only had one night in a hotel room before they were being whisked away on a jet to Paris, and all Joseph wanted to do was get back to that room.  He could care less for all of the post-ceremony proceedings, the photographs, the toasts.  But he knew that wouldn’t be right.  They needed their first dance, the father-daughter dance, wise words from long-time friends.  So he bit back the urge to grab her hand and run, and instead pulled her into a tight hug.

"I love you so much, Anna."  His words were slightly muffled against the top of her head, but he didn’t care.  As long as she understood him, that’s all that mattered.  He finally let go, holding her at arms length.  One hand came up to cup her cheek gently, rubbing his thumb along her cheekbone.  "You happy?  Was it everything you’ve ever wanted in a wedding?  Can I call you Mrs. Gordon-Levitt?"

Anna could not stop smiling. Her forehead pressed to his, happy tears streaming down her cheeks. “We’re married,” she repeated after him. Her fingertips pressed lightly to the back of his neck, still making sure she knew that this was no dream, this was her reality, their reality. After going through the bad and the good in their relationship, they were finally where Anna had believed to never be in this situation— someone’s wife. Then Joe came along, and he made everything in her life fit together, like a puzzle. 

Their family and friends had started to leave, yet she didn’t noticed, and she hardly cared. In this moment, all she could see was Joe, and her mind was basically thoughtless. “And I love you, Mister Husband,” she smiled against his lips, pressing her lips back to his before they lingered to slowly drift apart. Her fingers filled the spaces of his as she walked closely, by his side. Right now, she just wanted to go and actually be with him— only him. Yet, there were the traditions. Those were all they had to get through. “We’ll stay for like an hour, hour and a half maybe, get through the important stuff to make the parents and in-laws happy,” she softly whispered to him, staying by his side. “Just for a bit and then you can have your way with me,” she smirked before looking back ahead of her. 

They had stopped right on top of the hill, before they had officially entered the reception area. Anna stood there for a moment, beside her husband, hearing his words muffle against her hair. “I love you too,” she spoke, looking up to him, her lips pressing into a smile. “So, so, very much.” Her blue eyes locked with his brown ones, smiling as she rested her cheek against his hand, before her fingers lightly traced the back of his hand. “Of course I’m happy. I married the one man I’ve only ever wanted to marry. So, yeah I can say that it was everything I could ever want, and need in my, in our, own wedding.”

Mrs. Gordon-Levitt. If it was at all possible her smile was only more genuine and bigger. His last name at the end of her first name sounded right, like it was always meant to belong there. Her eyes slipped closed for a moment as she nodded. “Yes,” she softly spoke so it was only audible to him. Anna’s blue eyes opened back up, staying on him, never leaving his face. “You may call me anything you want. However, Mrs. Gordon-Levitt. Anna Gordon-Levitt. Anna Kendrick Gordon-Levitt…it kind of, well, gets me all hot and bothered…tease. Husband of mine,” she smiled before she pulled him in for one more kiss. 

- 2:51 - 8 notes - josephhyfr