josephhyfr: Maybe I can make it until you're 90, and we can die together. Why are we talking about dying?

That sounds like a good plan, I like that plan, but only if you’re sure you can handle my old and wrinkly self for five more years. Um, because we are just like adorable, that’s why….most newly weds talk about sex and kids, but nope we’re different. We talk about dying. 

- 16:36
josephhyfr: Being 90! But, I mean, if we make it 90 years, I'll be okay with that, too. I want to make it forever with you, ma cherie.

Well, then if you die when you’re 90 then what am I going to do when I’m 90? Do I die when I’m like 85?

- 16:31 - 1 note
josephhyfr: Maybe 90 is a little more reasonable...

90 more years or like just you being 90?

- 16:27
josephhyfr: 103, that's doable, if it means I'm still with you. I guess that would mean cutting back on the Oreos a bit, though.

Yes, you may just have to cut back on Oreos and twinkies, oh and the drinking.

- 20:47
josephhyfr: It is, it's a little odd. Maybe it won't sound odd anymore some day. Just fifty years? Now that we're married, can we eliminate the cheese quota?

Probably not. We’ll get use to it. Oh, we can make our age go higher than us just making it to 50 years? Like I meant it in living years, not marriage. For marriage, if we live long, we can making it to like 70 years, but you’d be like 103. Um, okay yeah I think we can remove the cheese quota.

- 2:47
josephhyfr: Hubby is cute to say every once in a while. I like husband. I like being your husband. We're very cheesy.

But it sounds weird. We’re so cheesy, for like 50 years we will be cheesy.

- 2:34
josephhyfr: Good, 'cause I'll be saying it a lot. Forever, actually. Wife, wife, wife. I love you, wife.

Well, not forever. That would be like 30 years and yeah. I love you, hubby. Hubby is weird…I’m sticking to husband, husband.

- 1:39